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Chicago news paper August 1933

Although there was a Rogenbeck (Jacob Roggenbuck from Danzig) family at this time in Chicago, I believe that the mentioned owner is Edward from this family tree

Source: El Paso Herald Nov. 10, 1915, Page 5 Parties

Remarkable is the German word Kaffe(e) Klatsch. This is the synonym for the word coffee klatch or coffee party. Some (elderly) ladies siting together, drinking coffee...

Police Report 1860 in Preussen. Missing Michael Roggenbuck, age 38 years old, Raftsman, left work, but never arrived in Flötenstein

Im Amtsblatt für den Regierungsbezirk Marienwerder, Band 31, wird im Jahr 1841 die Versteigerung des Hofes von Michael und Susanne Roggenbuck bekannt gegeben.

In the Official Journal of the administrative region of Marienwerder, Vol 31, year 1841, the auction of the estate, the house, the cattle shed and the barn of Michael and Susanne Roggenbuck is announced. Estimated value: 30 Thaler (approx. 300 $)

April 1889: In the Bay of Lübeck the shoal Roggenbug was blown up and therefore no longer exists(53°59'29" and 10°58'48"). Water depth is now 3,6 Meter. The background is the old legende of the sea monster Roggenbuck in the Bay of Lübeck.

Source: Börsen-Halle / ab 1905: Hamburgischer Correspondent und neue hamburgische Börsen-Halle / 02 May 1889/ Page 11

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