Michael II Roggenbuck Flötenstein/Kreis Schlochau

Flötenstein   Flötenstein/Schlochau   Flötenstein/Schlochau   Big Stone/SD/USA   Big Stone/SD/USA
1815   1845   1875   1910   1945
      | Albert 1879-1899        
      | Maria Antonia *1874        
      |   | Alfred *1906    
?Roggenbuck __ Michael __| Peter Joseph *1876 __|      
    Susanne Spors   Regina Paetz 1881-1966 | Alois *1908    
    Emilie Paetz *1844 __| Theodor Paetz __ Agnes Paetz __ Children
      |     Albert Roggenbuck    
      | Johann Paetz        

Peter Roggenbuck came together with Theodor Paetz and Emilie Paetz in 1908 to the States. His wife Regina came to the States the same year, but later, together with the two children and her brother Johann.

This family came from the village of Eisenhammer, which is closer to Prechlau then to Flötenstein.

Added Albert und Maria Antonia as siblings to Peter

Alfred and Alois Roggenbuck were the owner of a sawmill in Rolla/BC/Canada. Source is the Book: The ABC British Columbia Lumber Trade Directory and Yearbook, published in 1942

Regina died in 1966 in BC/Canada

Census Canada 1911: Roggenbuck, Peter A., born 1874, Alberta, Medicine Hat, Townships 21. This could be the above mentioned Peter?

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