Roggenbuck in Census 1772/73 in West Prussia

Census records from 1772/3 shows following Roggenbuck as land owner in Flötenstein, Starsen und Eickfier, Kreis Schlochau:

Last Name First Name Location Kreis
Roggenbuck Adam Floetenstein Schlochau
Roggenbuck Andreas Starsen Schlochau
Roggenbuck Barthel Floetenstein Schlochau
Roggenbuck Lorenz Floetenstein Schlochau
Roggenbuck Martin Starsen Schlochau
Roggenbuck Martin Floetenstein Schlochau
Roggenbuck George Eickfier Schlochau
Roggenbuck Michael Eickfier Schlochau
Roggenbuck Christian Floetenstein Schlochau
Roggenbuck Peter Baussenteich * Mewe
Roggenbuck ?? Schitowen ** Cammin/Zempelburg

According to the Census Data in 1772 Flötenstein had 338 inhabitants in 52 households and 77 land owners in total. Source is: Die ländliche Bevölkerung Pommerellen im Jahre 1772 von Dabinnus. In 1885 Census we have 1769 inhabitans with 332 households.

Background information on Census Data can be found on this site.

* Opposite Mewe across the river is Johannisdorf. One part of that village was called Aussendeich. Maybe a typing error?
** Near Zempelburg there are several villages with similar names. But no one is called Schitowen. There are villages like Sittno (formerly Schitten), Kl. Sittnow or Gr. Sittnow. Finaly I found records about "Settlement in Netzegau 1766". Listed in the village of Sittnow is a Roggenbau Family. See more details on separate page.

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