The mystery of the nine little headstones

The family came in 1863 from Klein Semlin/Kreis Karthaus (Danzig area) via Hamburg on ship "Kepler" to Quebec, Canada. They settled in Richmond Township / Shawano / Wisconsin.

Salem Cemetery

Salem Cemetery in Red River / Richmond Township / Shawano / Wisconsin

Julius Headstone

Still an unsolved mystery is the fact that the last name on the headstone of Julius and Mathilde is spelled as Roggenbauch rather than Roggenbuck.

Nine little headstones er

Julius and Mathilde's children that are buried at the Salem Cemetery in Red River in the order starting with the first child next to their parents headstone:   Amelia,   Theadore,  Julius,  Elia,  Ida,  Adolph,  Herman,  Edward, and  William.

Name age born approx. born in died
Jo(hanna) 17 1863 Can 1935
Edward 14 1866 Can ?
Bertha 12 1868 Can 1943
Mary 10 1870 Can 1955
William 8 1972 US ?
Julia 6 1874 US 1935
Hermann 4 1876 US ?
Adolf 2 1878 US ?
August 0 1880 US 1921
Augusta   1882 US 1953
Johann Gustav   1888 US 1954
Amelia       ?
Theodor(a)?       ?
Julius       ?
Elia       ?
Ida       ?

In the oral family history there was always the talk about the "Nine little headstones". The story was that 9 of the 16(?) children of Julius and Mathilde Roggenbuck died through an diptheria epidemic in about 1880 in Wisconsin. Finally we found the cemetery in Shawano and make some pictures. But there were no first names on the stones. Just initial like "ER" for example. In July 2009 we received a list of the first name for a fellow researcher who took care for the cemetery for many years. More info also from Roy Ziemer. Thanks.

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