Roggenbuck name difference in Flötenstein

Before WWII there were about 40 families with the last name of Roggenbuck in Flötenstein. To differentiate from each other with probably the same first name they used a additional name in front of the first name. Example: Peter Roggenbuck (born in 1832) was the owner of the village inn. So his son Peter was Krug Peter Roggenbuck. Even in the states they continued with that habit.

diff name given name Meaning Note
Krugpeter´s Albert, Franz, Josef, Clemens Owner of a tavern In Rosen/Nassau/Bellingham we found Krug Albert und Krug Peter - pronounced as Krauk Peder
Bauer Hannes Farmer Hannes or Hann is the short name for Johann
Bonin Albert, Franz    
Chaussee Hann, Josef main  road  
Chrischer Albert    
Dieme Franz Diemen Lake most of Harbor Beach Roggenbucks are descendants of his brother Joseph
Eng Hann    
Fiedel Albert, Franz, Hann    
Friseur Paul Barber  
Gottlieb Paul    
Joscher Franz    
Kescher Albert, Franz Hann   Kescherbruch?
Lobber Albert    
Maler Albert, Hann Painter  
Maurer Peter Bricklayer  
Murchel Albert, Franz morel (mushroom)  
Naubers Michel  

We know also Peter and Susanne (siblings)
(Notes from Rev. Hackert)

Otte ?,?    
Sprengel Hann    
Stuser Albert    
Thiele Hann, Otto    
Tribek Albert    

Source is an article from Clemens Roggenbuck.

The same is true from the village of Lanken and the name Kanthak. In Eickfier it was the family name of Wollschläger. 25% of the population in Eickfier has the last name of Wollschläger!!!

Source is the book Der Kreis Schlochau von Manfred Vollack 1976

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