Roggenbuck Birth 1815 bis 1816 in Church book of Flötenstein

Location      Father             Mother                 Child           Date Notes
Flötenstein Johann Roggenbuck Catharina Mausolf Martin 20.11.1814  
  Lorentz Roggenbuck Anna   Maria 03.02.1815  
  Mattias Roggenbuck unreadable   Johann Christian 03.03.1815  
  Christian Roggenbuck Eva   unreadable 04.05.1815  
  Mathias Roggenbuck Anna   Martin 26.04.1815  
  Joseph Roggenbuck Rosa   Johann 03.07.1815  
  Adam Roggenbuck Constancia   Martin 13.10.1816  
  Christian III Roggenbuck Elizabeth Lietz Anna Rosa 13.10.1816  
  Mathias Roggenbuck Anna   Carolina 26.10.1816  
  Christoph Roggenbuck Eva Mausolf Eva Rosina 13.07.1818  
Eickfier Johann Roggenbuck Eva Agathe Blank Anna Rosa 05.02.1819  
Flötenstein Johann Roggenbuck Catharina Mausolf Susanna 05.03.1820  
Flötenstein Mattias Roggenbuck Rosa Wollschläger August 25.07.1820  
Penkuhl Johann Roggenbuck Christina Wollschläger Anton 08.02.1821  
Church Book Flötenstein

Source: kath. Church Book of Flötenstein 1814.

The two church books are in the Archive of the catholic church in Koszalin / Poland.

Archiwum Diecezji Koszalinsko-Kolobrzeskiej
ul. Seminaryjna 2
75-950 Koszalin
Poland / Polen
Tel. +48 94 345 90 27
Director: ks. dr Tadeusz Ceynowa, Tel. +48 94 345 90 32
Archive: Malgorzata Wieczorkowska, Tel. +48 94 345 90 27

How to obtain a record?
Personal: Before driving to Koszalin, make a telefon arrangement ahead.
Mail: Write a letter to the above address. Specify the location (Kozcala/Flötenstein), the date (if known) the event, and the persons first and last name. See form letter. Take the link pointing to Ecclesiastical. Explain the connection to the person you are searching for. You will get an answering letter from the archive how to procced(inital fees, search fees, etc). Initial fee will be 70 ZL or 22 Euros.

Transcription of the above church book entries was done by Anna Roggenbuck in April 2006. Thank you!

Archiv Köslin:Dort liegen die Flötensteiner Kirchenbücher auf CD.

Added some more entries from churchbook transciption

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